Anti-Racist Resources: How to Protest Safely

by Abbie Fowler

Social change can be achieved through peaceful protesting. If you are heading to the protests this weekend to show your solidarity please be safe and you must take the recommendation of isolating at home for two weeks following. Our team will be in attendance both Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Manchester - if you do not wish to attend alone, just drop us a message.

Please do not attend if you are at risk or if anyone in your family or home is at risk from COVID-19. You can still help by using your online platforms, speaking with friends, family and by donating to charities.

Essential Items to Bring:

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Food
  • Speakers
  • Placards
  • Non-identifiable clothing
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Keep two metres apart

In addition to this, write your message on the front of your placard and on the back write that you’re keeping two metres distance and ask for the same from others. Do your best to share the message about the protests as best you can directly with friends, family and also by using the platforms we all have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This will help the protest be as safe as possible as well as occupying more space in the city. If you see anyone planning on causing disruption, vandalising or trying to riot, if you feel comfortable and confident to do so question them, ask why. This is a peaceful protest.

Guides & Tools:

How to protest safely during a pandemic

Know Your Rights via @initialola on Twitter

Right To Protest

Sanitization Protocol for Direct Action During COVID-19

What to do if you can’t protest on the streets for Black Lives Matter

Protests Happening This Weekend:

Manchester Peaceful Protests #MCRBLM

  • Saturday 6th June, Piccadily Gardens, 1PM
  • Sunday 7th June, St. Peters Square, 2PM

London Peaceful Protests #LDNBLM

  • Saturday 6th June, Parliament SQ, 1PM
  • Sunday 7th June, US Embassy, 2PM

Bristol Peaceful Protest #BristolBLM

  • Sunday 7th June, College Green, 1PM

Newcastle Peaceful Protest #NewcastleBLM

  • Saturday 6th June, Grey’s Monument, 1PM

Glasgow Peaceful Protest #GlasgowBLM

  • Sunday 7th June, George Square, 2PM

Nottingham Peaceful Protest #NottinghamBLM

  • Sunday 7th June, Market Square, 12PM