by Abbie Fowler

The fire impossible to burn out, Princess Anna, gives us an insight into her world.

Rambling with the residents is a monthly series on Limbo Radio where we collaborate with a local photographer and give our audience the chance to get to know our residents a little more.

Princess Anna had her first show on Limbo Radio back in May 2018, when she filled in for a friend who was unable to make their scheduled slot. This was the first time playing out of the confines of her bedroom. Now, fast forward to 2020, Princess Anna has had her debut at The White Hotel for High Hoops; performs regularly at Partisan Collective; and has a weekly DJ residency in Ancoats.

LB Anna 1

We invited Princess Anna in for a chat at our studio at Downtex Mill, and got some lovely photographs done by photographer Annie Feng. Anna tells us about her business running an online vintage clothes shop and explains that she usually dresses up for photographs taken in amazing gear and gowns from times gone by, but today she chose to dress as herself.

LB Anna 4

“I like listening to good music it doesn’t matter of the technicalities, there is a rough boundary, but I can’t fully tell the difference,” speaks Anna of musical genres. She then goes on to explain her general response to that fateful question, ‘what are you going to play tonight?’ which she replies with a simple and admirable response, “just some sexy music!”, and sexy music she does play.

LB Anna 6

Ever since her first show with us, Princess Anna has been involved with the collective All Hands On Deck - a crew for womxn, trans, and non-binary DJs in Manchester. AHOD throw regular open-deck parties for people to try their hands DJing out in a low pressure, all welcoming, and inclusive environment. She says that they really helped her grow her confidence when playing out as she recalls her hand, “trembling too much to put the needle on the record”, the first time she performed out at our collaborative party with Asahi Super Dry at Stage and Radio in November 2018.

LB Anna 9

She believes that radio holds importance on a community scale and that it is the reason why she moved to Manchester. “It’s given me a great platform and my friends,” Princess Anna explains, “my dream line up for a night would be of just my friends, it’s much more personal, it means more and you share songs with them all the time so it would just be really fun.”

LB Anna 8

Although she says a lot of her inspiration comes from her friends, the initial stepping stones that lead her to DJing came from a trip to Cambodia, where she crossed paths with a DJ collective from Istanbul. Before returning home to the UK, one of the friends she had made from the collective ended up gifting her with a pen drive full of music she’d never heard before, the new sounds inspired her to see what it was all about. She adds, “and I just love to dance, dancing is my favourite thing to do ever.”

We wrap things up at the studio and I ask her what she is most proud of, she replied with, “can I say myself? I’m most proud of myself.” We are super proud of you too, Anna. Keep your ears peeled for her next show.

Photography by Annie Feng - @anniefengphoto