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96 Back, Aalice, Abena, Acidhousedeathsquad, All Hands On Deck, Anjalogica, Anna, Antoine Kiim, B.L.O.O.M., Babs, Bakk.Heia, Boygirl, Cescka, Clemency, Clubfoot, DJ Luz, Deja Reve, Everett, Failed Units, Fury Dubz, Hanz, Hayter Player, Holly Lester, Hot Desk, Interplanetary Criminal, Izzy Bolt, Jungle Julia, Kim Lana, Korzi, Lefévre, Loose Lips, Lord Byron, Lukas, Mark Turner, Mike O’Mara, Mix Stress, Mixing Mates, Mystique, Natalia, PSYCHO POMP, Patrice, Princess Anna, Salt Pillar, Semi Peppered, Shamaya Twain, Space Cadets, TamTam, Traffic, Wet Play, Yant, Zoe Pea

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We facilitate a platform for experimentation, innovation and creativity. Broadcasting out of DownTex Mill in Manchester, we aim to showcase sounds from around our city and beyond.